The beauty of TheBank Palm Springs is the many options for creating amazing events; options realized by the imagination of the designer. These events are not just limited to the interior of the building.

With the amazing weather Palm Springs offers so many months of the year, our outdoor areas can be transformed into magical moments.

Let's take a look at one transformation sure to wow the most discerning guests!

Step one - putting it all together. Once the designer has a plan, the vendors start delivering and setting-up. For this event it was all about clean, swanky lines. This was a James Bond themed cocktail reception with lots of cocktail tables, hors d'oeuvres stations and of course bars.

Our simple parking lot starts taking shape as a wow-factor event space. The above image is looking towards the backdrop offered by the amazing San Jacinto mountains to the west. The second image is facing east.

Simple, but powerful impact elements like crystals are strung from the olive tree branches surrounding the area.

This event was designed for evening reveling. Lighting was an extremely important detail.

A great designer can envision using all elements of the space for impact. The two bars assembled for this cocktail reception both featured major impact pieces. For the larger bar the side wall of the building was used as a video projection. The looping videos of vintage Bond movies created amazing energy for the guests.

The second bar featured beautiful crystal chandeliers lit to dazzle.

Lighting also stole the show by creating drama and dazzle with strategically lit Martini glasses.

And what's a Bond themed event with out a Bond Girl in a Martini glass?

A cocktail party isn't complete without a DJ, and some low seating for those with tired feet.

Of course, adding lighting impact to the exterior window louvers of the building created added allure.

Talk about a dramatic entrance for the guests' arrival.

With all the pieces of the puzzle assembled, this outside event shows what magic can be created with the right vision!

You've seen a simple parking lot transformed into a dazzling themed cocktail party. Now it's up to you to design an impact event at our amazing mid-century modern event venue in the heart of down town Palm Springs. And remember, we are one of only a few Palm Springs venues licensed to carry on the fun deep into the night, or should we say the wee morning hours?

As we like to remind our clients: We have the blank canvas, you paint the vision.

Credits for this event belong to Momentous Events, Kool Party Rentals, Shine Lighting and Lulu Catering.