When planning an event the venue choice is generally the first step in the process. Touring a site is essential in making sure the venue you choose is a great fit. The Greater Palm Springs Convention and Visitors Bureau has an outstanding team of professionals to assist in this process and they came for a venue visit!

Almost the entire team from Destination Services came for the tour. The team (not named in order) includes Jill Philbrook, Susan Esterling, Sarah Goslin, Joanne Ohanesian, Marta Battle, Sandy Martinez, Lucy Martinez, and Elise Colson.

Tours should be fun right?

What better way to make a tour fun than a glass of bubbles and some bites of cheese?

Before the bubbles we walked the space, including outside to discuss all the uses of the building.

Yep, still having a great time, I mean with perfect Palm Springs weather and amazing mountain views, how could it be anything but fun?

And to show that it was serious business, we all gathered in the Vault VIP room for some Q&A time.

This amazing team of event professionals works very hard to make sure visitors to the area find the best venue for their events.

Excited that TheBank is always so well received. Of course the huge merits of our building include NO TIME restrictions, we are an iconic Modernism Building, we have multiples areas to stage elements of an event, and we have the UBER cool Vault VIP Room where we sipped some bubbles, finishing the tour with more fun!

Looking forward to your tour next!

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