An important factor for any service provider is to know what trends are changing the landscape of events. This is also true for those planning the events. Understanding what's changing, what tools are available and what others are doing can be very helpful in getting the most out of the event planning and execution process.

After attending a recent online seminar sponsored by, I was able to capture the slides pertinent to current wedding planning trends as opposed to 10 years ago, along with a look of what's coming down the pike.

Let's take a look at each slide... it will be very enlightening and either confirm you're on the right path, or offer insight for things you may consider adding or modifying for your big day.

Probably not a surprise here. The team who developed TheBank Palm Springs as an event venue collectively knew this was the case. Our venue is the perfect space to paint your vision in a small & intimate, or grand & extravagant way. The point is to make it uniquely yours.

STAY-TUNE for this awesome new tool!

The first point made in the presentation, of course, revolved around new technologies like Geo-Fencing. This is literally a new Google tool ready to launch any day. This will apply to advertising in all forms, including allowing your guests to advertise your event via their tagging your event location on their smart phones. Others can then locate you easily, explore the area your event is in, and discover fun things to do before and after.

Since Palm Springs is a destination city, your guests are most likely going to make a weekend trip out of your special day... having this cool tool will help them find fun things to do in the proximity of your chosen venue.

This is not a surprise at all. The challenge for venues like ours is to offer a location that can support the perfect wedding and/or event without added stress... once you tour our venue you will see the potential of what can be done using the many unique features of our space.


The perfect wedding/event is bolstered by these three values. TheBank offers all three in spades - let's quickly break it down.

Consistency: Like the Apple brand that is consistent in look, service, and execution in every retail store they have, TheBank is consistent in offering the same level of service for every client. Our team is experienced in events, in catering, with entertainment. We've done it all collectively for over 30plus years.

Differentiation: This one is too easy for TheBank. We are about as unique a venue as you will find in Palm Springs. TheBank is an iconic modernism building, originally a bank in the 1950s. We give you a clean, dramatic space to execute your vision exactly as you envision it.

BUT - the MAJOR differentiation is our ability to hold events without conditions late into the night and wee hours of the morning... this includes NONE OF THE DREADED NOISE CONSTRAINTS layered onto most event venues in the greater Palm Springs area.

Value - Why plan multiple locations for elements of your celebration. TheBank has indoor, outdoor, and three levels of space. You can have your outside ceremony, and cocktails, then adjourn inside for a temperature controlled space to kick your celebration into high-gear without constraint. The important thing is to recognize the potential to do so much in a single venue.

This next point is super fun, and a great way to engage your guests!

This is a fun fact. 10 years ago hashtags were just beginning to take shape and be understood. Today couples are commonly creating hashtags unique to their celebrations... who knows, your wedding or event could be the trending party of the night in Palm Springs. All you have to do is get your guests busy with their social media posts, and this brings us to our next point...

Give your guests something to hashtag about... it's no longer just the color scheme or whether to have a seated dinner vs a cocktail reception, now it's about themes. Think current culture, place, style, art, food, you might want to get married with a vintage car in the middle of your reception hall where you say your vows, if you're a part of the burning man culture, imagine what you could achieve in our large open space... sorry, no burning effigies though, but sans that, nothing is out of bounds in today's wedding and event scene.

Forget old school, unless it's so old it's new again...

Alternate registry? Yes, for instance you might consider offering a registry that allows your guests to donate to the honeymoon, or a wine collection, or dining gift cards. Since most couples are getting married later, the idea of needing toasters, and china, and flatware is much less an issue than it was in previous 'let's set-up our new home' generations.

The traditional wedding cake? Not nearly as essential, many wedding parties are opting for cupcakes, or dessert tables, or other non-traditional presentations. The idea of the cake cutting ceremony is all but gone, mostly because the receptions are so active and engaging that stopping everyone so the happy couple can feed each other cake is too much of a disruption.



With the need for more amazing, less traditional, more personally expressive celebrations means couples are relying more and more on specialized services to help them create the moment in time they wish to capture. We at TheBank have the tools, know the vendors, and if some new service request comes along, we know how to find the service!

YOUR BIG DAY should be a true celebration, and it should be executed flawlessly so you can simply revel in the fun you intend for everyone. Hiring the correct service professionals is one of the most value driven decisions you can make. A wedding or any event requires multiple elements that must all be coordinated and timed to the second. You deserve the best, and that's what our venue offers...